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A Thesaurus Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Lately, it seems to me that often, whene brands or businesses are reaching for a word to describe one of their products or a new offering, the word which for which they most often reach is 'amazing'. Everything is amazing:  Amazing color! Amazing value! Amazing results! Amazing work!

I have nothing against the word amazing, but it does seem like there are a least...twenty other words that could be used in its place. What about words like singular? Superb? Outstanding? And amazing isn't the only offender. 'Adorable' comes to mind when writing about children, or 'tightly-edited' when writing about lifestyle or beauty products. 

So let's explore some new words together.  Every Friday, I'll devote my column to Friday's Word: a creative exploration of my favorite book: the thesaurus. Today's word is: amazing