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Professional copywriting


If you're looking for damn good copywriting...

(And don't be shy, you know you are) then you're in the right place. Because it's a business truth universally acknowledged: everyone needs great copy...the kind of delicious, authentic, magical writing that makes people sit up and say "Dingdingding: I need that (whatever it is you do, sell, or offer) in my life!" And that's where Copperwood Creative jumps right in.

Copperwood Creative is a strategic, creative copywriting agency that specializes in beauty, lifestyle, and wellness brands and companies, as well as crafty entrepreneurs doing the indie thing. Working with me, you get a copywriter who can help you write engaging, targeted content and copy that resonates with your target audience, sounds like you, and helps generate action.

So bring me your website, your newsletter, your monthly blog, your mixed bag of copywriting needs and hell yes, let's write some damn good copy.


Copperwood Creative Professional Copywriting

Ready to write something amazing? That's just what I like to hear.  

Creative copywriting

You have a message, and you want people to listen (and spend). That's great! Now you need to communicate. Creative copy is everything your brand needs to say, said in a way that makes consumers swoon. And I can help you write it.  

brand Copywriting

Maybe you are in the process of building a spanking-new, hopefully memorable brand. Well, you guessed it, you're gonna need persuasive, compelling copy to serve as the foundation for everything your brand or biz does, says, or offers. 

copy polishing

Perhaps you already have all your content, but it lacks that something-something. Or maybe you just want to double-check for grammatical errors. Whatever the reason, dull copy is my kryptonite. In other words? Come to mama. 



Q: When was the last time you were wowed by boring content?

A. It's not a trick. The answer is never.


Don't waste another minute of your #bosstime struggling to make bad writing sound 'good', or sweating over endless drafts of copy that frankly, you are neeeever going to like.  

Get clear, compelling content and make your copy work for your business with Copperwood Creative! 

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