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The Good Word


"Creativity takes courage."

- Henri Matisse

I'm often asked to write not quite so many words. "Martha, this is great but can you cut it down?" is feedback often heard around my office, and if I'm being honest, sometimes it's frustrating, being asked to slow my roll. Words are my thing. And whether spoken or written, I think we can all agree that they are a vital part of how we communicate with our clients, with our family and friends, and even with ourselves. And let's face it, words matter! It's a rare day that you will hear me saying I 'hate' something simply because I believe that word has meaning, and shouldn't be used lightly. 

And although it's easy to just write something simple or replicate a bit of content that you liked from a past project for a new one, instead, I suggest you take the time to consider what you are thinking and feeling, how you want that energy relayed to your consumer or target, and then let your creative writer do her creative writing thing. It may be more words than you want at first, and it may be that the words need to be cut and then cut again, but perhaps it will also turn out that you are inspired by a bit of verbosity, and find that more words may, after all, be just what your business needs. Not all the time, and not for every piece of content or campaign, but every so often, give words a chance. They aren't only powerful when used sparingly.  Creativity comes in all sizes, right?