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A Copywriter Thinks About Copywriting


Is the pen mightier than the SEO sword?

Please don't give up on your written content.  

I know I'm not the only one who has heard this old chestnut: "No one reads anymore" or, "We don't need content; our consumers only want pictures and videos". I may not be an SEO expert but I'm just gonna go ahead and say that is crappy advice, and not true to boot. Obviously, SEO is important, and pictures and videos add a vitality and intertextuality to websites that invites engagement. But at the expense of what you say and how you say it? Of your brand voice, your tone, your words? Both the writer and the consumer in me agree that these are brand elements you should not underestimate and never overlook. 

In the long run, the messages you share (or don't) with your consumers matter far more than trying to keyword-stuff your way into higher Google rankings (which doesn't work anyway). And like a particularly good or bad memory, these messages can have a long reach with consumers, and go far in getting them to sit up and take notice of you and your brand. I've long believed that brands losing interest in creating and offering high-quality content in favor of creating vast amounts of not necessarily quality content at all is one of the saddest results of communication being taken over by SEO and algorithms.

But lately, I'm thinking maybe the tides are turning? Maybe writing is once again being viewed as the essential part of business strategy that it always was...and I believe, still is. Savvy brands are realizing they can create interesting, readable, fun content that captivates their target audience (read: consumers) as well as boosts their online presence, without much damage to either and in many cases, improvements to both. Sort-of like having their cake and eating it, too, and who doesn't love that?

Copy right...not copy wrong.

As someone who writes for a living, I obviously see this as a good thing. And I'm not the only one. Businesses, brands...other copywriters are all agreeing that a good copywriter should be a pivotal part of every brand's marketing strategy. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The value of the copywriter is on the upswing again. I could've told you that. 
  • It all starts with words.  Of course it can also all end with your words. Just saying. 
  • Copywriting mistakes happen. A pro can help ensure they are few and far between. 

Not getting consumer attention would be bad. But losing that hard-earned consumer attention because you thought what you said wouldn't matter will feel even worse.